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About Us

WELCOME to our home. The Baby Loft is born out of love as we searched for baby-friendly items for our kids over the past years. The Baby Loft features a myriad of personally & specially selected baby-friendly, baby-tested and mother-approved products.

Parenthood is also a wondrous opportunity to discover ways to care for ourselves and our lil ones, naturally. At The Baby Loft, you can find unique and practical baby items such as the Cloth DiaperSleeping SacksBaby Slings and a large selection of Breastfeeding Apparel & Support Lingerie.

Breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering and family bedding make up bits and pieces of what natural parenting is about. So is the use of Mother Nature's awesome treasures. BabyCare and MamaCare embraces an extensive range of these treasures that Mother Nature has to share. From gentle but effective ways to protect and treat baby's tender skin to natural support for the vital stages of motherhood - pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding... we have it all.

Our mission is to make these baby-friendly items more readily available & affordable to parents. Busy parents can browse through The Baby comfortably and conveniently, anytime, anywhere. We continue to serve mums and dads from all corners of the world, sharing precious parenting tips.

We take pride in being a pioneer of unique and practical baby items to the Malaysian community. We have also taken our baby-centric values across the world through a network of distributors in U.S., New Zealand, Hong Kong, and beyond.

Parents love to share. At The Baby Loft, we are delighted to share with you our passion for breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and web-based shopping :D (no traffic jams, no long search for carpark space, no need to rush through shopping because hubby and sleepy baby are waiting).

As concerned parents, all items at The Baby Loft are personally handpicked for its' practicality and uniqueness. Criterias are simple: affordable and of high quality; natural and gentle; unique enough to bring forth some heartwarming chuckles ... ...

Feel right at home with us. Sip your cuppa, or nurse your lil one as you take a breather from your demanding schedule. Drop by as often as you wish. Send us a note if you may, share with us any thoughts about babywearing, breastfeeding or parenting.

Parenting with passion,

The Baby Loft