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Delivery Information

All orders received through our website are processed and, if the stock is available, despatched within 2-3 working day of receiving the order. Therefore, your products will usually be with you in just a few days. 

PreOrder Item, Out-Of-Stock or Reconfirm Item, please call us (03-64116733) to reconfirm the restock time frame. A minimum of 5 to 10 working days (or more) will be required to restock normally upon payment confirmation and subject to stock availability. Customer is required to email the original and complete payment proof to as payment notification.
Items dispatched by courier
The items you order will be delivered by courier (Parcelforce). You may specify a house or a work address where someone will able to accept the goods during normal business hour.
Kindly noted parcel only despatched by Tuesday -- Friday . 
Calculation of parcel shipping fees 
Item after packing size bigger than one feet will be counted by VOLUMETRIC. Additional cost will be required to pay by the customer upon rectification.

For Example:

A Customer ships a parcel that is 1kg in actual weight, the customer's packaging dimensions are 30cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 20cm (H).

Multiply 30x25x20 = 15000.

Then divide 15000 by 5000 to get the DIM weight = 3kg.

The customer will be charged for 3kg rather than for actual weight of 1kg.

Pickup from Store

Kindly call us (03-64116733) to reconfirm the order if is ready to pickup upon payment is complete and made online.

We reserve the rights to with hold or delay any delivery for orders that are pending for payment status and confirmation. Customers are required to email the complete payment proof or details to us in order to complete the order / transaction before delivery.

* All delivery terms and conditions above are subject to change for completeness without prior notice.