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Hape 123 Shape Sorter
Hape 123 Shape Sorter   Colourful shape sorter that also rolls Especially de..
RM55.90 RM49.19
Hape ABC Block
Hape ABC Block   Letters, pictures and numbers inspire toddlers to create buildi..
RM89.90 RM79.11
Hape ABC Magnetic Letters
Hape ABC Magnetic Letters   Recognizing and memorizing the alphabet can be enjoyable w..
RM55.90 RM49.19
Hape ABC Matching Puzzle
Hape ABC Matching Puzzle The ABC's will fall into place with picture clues to reinforce lette..
RM36.90 RM32.47
Hape All Season House-Furnished
Hape All Season House-Furnished There are as many ways to play with this house as there famil..
RM699.90 RM615.91
Hape All Terrain Adventure
Hape All Terrain Adventure   Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and..
RM74.90 RM65.91
Hape All-in-1 Easel
Hape All-in-1 Easel   Paint, write, or draw with chalk. This adjustable-height doubl..
RM279.90 RM246.31
Hape Alphabet Abacus
Hape Alphabet Abacus   This double-sided abacus gives the ABC's a playful twist ..
RM89.90 RM79.11
Hape Alphabet Puzzle
Hape Alphabet Puzzle Sturdy, stand-alone letters let kids practice their ABCs as well as form..
RM69.90 RM61.51
Hape Animals Memory Game
Hape Animals Memory Game   A dozen pairs of animals make playing Memory an unfor..
RM39.90 RM35.11
Hape Anywhere Art Studio
Hape Anywhere Art Studio   This tabletop art studio keeps artists busy with a magnet..
RM139.90 RM123.11
Hape Art Paper Roll
Hape Art Paper Roll   Early Explorer - Replacement Artist Paper Roll Sized perfe..
RM17.90 RM15.75
Hape Baby's Room
Hape Baby's Room Shhh! Baby's sleeping. Tiptoe into this room to play. Listen to the stories ..
RM74.90 RM65.91
Hape Basic Builder Set
Hape Basic Builder Set   This set of 42 pieces and connectors encourages budding carpe..
RM93.90 RM82.63
Hape Beauty Belongings
Hape Beauty Belongings Encourage role play and satisfy a child's curiousity with this cos..
RM83.90 RM73.83
Hape Best Bug Magnetic
Hape Best Bug Magnetic A magnetic wand wiggles and worms marbles through this hand-held maze...
RM79.90 RM70.31
Hape Block and Roll
Hape Block and Roll Fill, build, dump, carry, push, pull, play. How many more ways can your c..
RM269.90 RM237.51
Hape Build A Bug Sorter
Hape Build A Bug Sorter   Multi-layered bugs encourage counting, sorting, and co..
RM74.90 RM65.91
Hape Checkout Register
Hape Checkout Register   Cash or credit? This sturdy register lets kids scan a c..
RM129.90 RM114.31
Hape Chef's Apron Set
Hape Chef's Apron Set Everything tastes better when you've got the right accessories. Imagina..
RM55.90 RM49.19
Hape Chef's Choice
Hape Chef's Choice   Bread, cheese, vegetables, and imagination. What more do you ..
RM83.90 RM73.83
Hape Chef's Cooking Set
Hape Chef's Cooking Set Bon Appetite! Your future super chef will learn to feel comfortable a..
RM83.90 RM73.83
Hape Children's Room
Hape Children's Room This is my room! Every child needs a place to call home. Listen to the s..
RM83.90 RM73.83
Hape Chocolate Fondue
Hape Chocolate Fondue Fire up the fondue pot, dip the cut up fruit and marshmallows into choc..
RM83.90 RM73.83
Hape Choo Choo Tracks
Hape Choo Choo Tracks All aboard! A magnetic wand tracks marbles through this hand-held maze...
RM55.90 RM49.19
Hape City Planner Blocks
Hape City Planner Blocks   A dozen wooden blocks in an assortment of shap..
RM32.90 RM28.95
Hape Clickety-Clack Clapper Asst Color
Hape Clickety-Clack Clapper Asst Color The Hape Clickety-Clack Clapper Castanets have safely ..
RM8.90 RM7.83
Hape Coffee Maker
Hape Coffee Maker   Perk up imaginary play with this single-serve coffee maker. Do..
RM109.90 RM96.71
Hape Color and Sorter
Hape Color and Sorter   This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, ..
RM55.90 RM49.19
Hape Color Flutter
Hape Color Flutter A magnetic wand coaxes marbles into the butterfly's colorful wings. Match ..
RM74.90 RM65.91